The Gulf of Georgia Cannery strives to provide a welcoming environment for all of our visitors. We recognize that achieving universal access takes time, and means listening to our visitors’ needs.

The Cannery has been given a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Access Richmond website.

We also welcome your help! If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions about the accessibility of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, please email us, or phone 604-664-9282.


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The Cannery has three accessible parking spaces in the main parking lot (at Fourth Ave and Chatham St), and one accessible parking space in front of the Administration building, all of which are clearly marked.

On days when the Steveston Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market is in our lot, regular accessible parking spaces may be covered, but accessible parking is available in designated spaces.

Getting Into the Building

The Cannery sits at the top of an incline, which is accessible by pathways. The pathways from Bayview St. and Garry Point Park are not sloped. If you would like assistance getting up the slope from the parking lot, please call the front desk at 604-664-9009 and someone will come assist you.

There is a slight downward slope to the main doors. There are four doors into the Cannery. The door furthest to the left is a power-assist door. Once you enter the Cannery, there is a slight ramp down to the main area.

The gift shop counter is lower than the main desk counter, and staff are able to assist you at either desk.


Seating is available throughout the museum, except in the Herring Reduction plant.


The Cannery has one accessible stall in both the men’s and women’s washrooms. There is also a separate accessible washroom.

Sensitivities to Scent and Sound

The Cannery is built over the Fraser River and sits on top of pilings which are coated in creosote. This is a necesary precaution to prevent infestations and rot. The levels are tested regularly and are safe for our staff and visitors, but there is a noticeable smell in the building. The scent is less noticeable during the winter months.

The Cannery uses one loud soundscape which may startle some visitors. There are also two sets of quieter soundscapes in the building. These may be turned off upon request.

Service Animals and Assistive Devices

The Cannery welcomes all types of service and guide dogs. The Cannery may request documentation for other types of service animals. This is for the comfort and safety of all of our visitors, and we appreciate your understanding.

Assistive devices such as canes, wheelchairs, and walkers are welcome in the Cannery. Please be aware that our floors are raw wooden boards, with slight spaces between the boards. This includes the boards at the entrance to the Cannery.

Support People and Companions

Visitors with disabilities pay full admission, and one support person or companion will be admitted free of charge.

For Visitors who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Closed captioning is available on the Cannery’s film, Journey Through Time, which can be turned on by request. Captioning is available in both English and French. Other film screens have closed captioning in French, and transcripts in English. All listening posts throughout the Cannery have transcriptions in both English and French.

For Visitors who are Blind or have Vision Loss

The Cannery’s hourly tours can be adapted for visitors with vision loss. Please ask at the front desk for details, or call 604-664-9009. We have a large-print guide in English or French for our temporary exhibit, Salmon People, which is available by request at the entrance. We also have a Braille guide for the Canning Line exhibit, which is available at the front desk.

Vitamin Oil Shed and Wheelhouse

Only two areas in the Cannery are not fully accessible. The Vitamin Oil Shed in the Herring Reduction plant has three stairs, but is accessible with staff assistance. The Wheelhouse in the Fishing the West Coast exhibit has a ledge at the entrance and exit, but most of the Wheelhouse can be viewed through the two doorways and a port hole.


The Cannery provides hourly tours for all visitors. Private tours may be possible based on staff availability. Please call 604-664-9009 for more information or to book a group tour. Groups of eight or more are requested to book in advance, and will qualify for the group rate.

Special Requirements

Please call the Cannery at 604-664-9009 or email us if you wish to make special arrangements for your visit.


The Cannery welcomes volunteers of all abilities. We are currently looking for volunteers who are fluent in ASL/English and LSQ/French to help at special events. Please email us or phone 604-664-9282 to get more information.