Permanent Exhibits

The Canning Line
Stories of mountains of sockeye come alive among the clatter and hum of machines in the Canning Line Exhibit. Encompassing over 4000 sq. ft., this interactive, multi-media exhibit demonstrates the process of salmon canning on a 1930s – 1950s era canning line. Take a guided tour along the line and uncover the personal stories of cannery workers who worked amidst the steam, noise, and odours of fish slime and machine oil.

The Herring Reduction Plant
This once thriving Reduction Plant was in operation until 1979, when it was closed due to modernization of the process and the centralization of the operations. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this 6500 sq. ft. exhibit! You will be amazed to discover how herring was transformed into fish oil and fish meal.