Nikkei Fishermen’s Legacy Plaque unveiled

Members of the Nikkei Fishermen

A new plaque commemorating the families of B.C. Nikkei (Japanese Canadian) fishermen and their contributions to the Nikkei Fishermen’s Legacy Challenge, was unveiled on Saturday May 24 at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. The plaque will be on permanent display in the front lobby of the Cannery, to recognize the generous . . . → Read More: Nikkei Fishermen’s Legacy Plaque unveiled

How clean are salmon farms?

An environmental commission is calling for an investigation of Canada’s enforcement of pollution laws in BC salmon farms. The Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Co-operation was established under the North American free-trade agreement. Its aim would be to investigate claims that “that Canada is failing to effectively enforce fish habitat protection and pollution . . . → Read More: How clean are salmon farms?

Spot prawns are becoming pricey treats!

Haven’t got your spot prawn fix in yet? It might be trickier -and costlier – than usual this season. The Globe and Mail reports that Vancouver restaurants are re-evaluating serving these delicacies, as prices are proving too high for many chefs to justify on their menus. In a typical season, buyers who work for . . . → Read More: Spot prawns are becoming pricey treats!

Pacific Salmon Foundation launches Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

To mark the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Georgia Strait’s coho and chinook stocks, the Pacific Salmon Foundation has launched a comprehensive study to identify the cause of the crash and how to restore the runs. The research project has received almost $10-million in funding from private donors, corporations and non-profits. Small . . . → Read More: Pacific Salmon Foundation launches Salish Sea Marine Survival Project

Salmon Farming on ’60 Minutes’

Curious about what salmon farms are really like? Take a peek at this 60 Minutes special on CBS for an inside look at both open net and land-based farms (and why the distinction makes all the difference). Dr Sanjay Gupta provides a balanced view by speaking with ‘Namgis First Nation Chief Bill Cranmer, environmentalist Alexandra . . . → Read More: Salmon Farming on ’60 Minutes’

Hello, my name is: Pacific herring

How much you know about Pacific herring? Salmon may be the first fish to leap to mind when you consider BC waters, but herring also play an integral role in the ecology and culture of the West Coast. Pacific Herring – Past, Present and Future, is a newly launched website created by Simon Fraser . . . → Read More: Hello, my name is: Pacific herring

Oceanwise Fish & Chips? Yes, please!

Hats off to Steveston’s own Pajo’s for becoming the Lower Mainland’s first 100% Ocean Wise certified Fish & Chips restaurant! Recently featured on Richmond’s 365 Days of Dining blog (yay – it’s back!), Pajo’s brings you only sustainable salmon, cod or halibut. Their eco-friendly focus doesn’t stop there – the chips are made with local . . . → Read More: Oceanwise Fish & Chips? Yes, please!

Fishermen’s Memorial Service

Today, April 28th, is the National Day of Mourning. Every year the community of Steveston gathers at the Fishermen’s Net Needle Memorial in Garry Point Park to recognize the numerous fishermen who have lost their lives doing their jobs. As the memorial can be seen both on land and from water, it acts as . . . → Read More: Fishermen’s Memorial Service

Where there’s smoke?

The Globe and Mail reports that a research project is currently underway at the University of British Columbia to determine whether or not the technique used by BC First Nations to smoke salmon is carcinogenic. The researchers have partnered with the Lake Babine Nation and Nee Tahi Buhn First Nations of Burns Lake, B.C. . . . → Read More: Where there’s smoke?

Happy Earth Day!

Today marks Earth Day and, interestingly, also the day that KUTERRA land-based farmed Atlantic salmon hits the market. KUTERRA LP is owned by the ‘Namgis First Nation and based in Port McNeill. Their aim is to offer a sustainable option to conventionally farmed salmon. The salmon is being marketed by Richmond’s Albion Fisheries and . . . → Read More: Happy Earth Day!